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GM Lobo, also know as the Eccentric Wolf GM, Sadist GM, or Howling Enforcer has been on the admin staff for over 10 years. Known for killing or having players die in his events, Lobo offers entertaining events, though entertaining for who remains to be said.

GM Lobo often likes to host Human Darts, Heaven or Hell, Missing Lobo's Vault, Werewolf, and The Wild Hunt!


  • Human Darts: Lobo hides on a map standing within a custom shaped Land Protector. Players need to fly wing or teleport landing on the grid to win. Landing on Lobo's exact cell automatically grants a Bullz eye (Double Prize).
  • Heaven or Hell: Lobo presents players with two options in the form of Warp Portals. One leads to safety, the other to something gruesomely waiting to devour whom ever has the misfortune to step within its realms. This is continued until there is 1 winner! Sometimes a consolation prize is offered to the last remaining 2.
  • Missing Lobo's Vault: Our Loveable Wolf GM loves to gamble, often times playing Gold Rush he'll stash his shiny winnings in his vault, but doesnt always remember where he left it. Players go on the hunt based on clues given. First to find the Vault and Unlock it via code, reap the benefits of some of the spoils.
  • The Wild Hunt: Players are invited to a party by another GM (Narrator/Moderator) and recalled to a Open Map. Players are given 10 minutes to hide. No Skills or items are allowed. After the allotted time, [GM] Lobo in the form of a giant snarling hell hound fire wolf will seek out players. In a Hunger Games Fashion, the Narrating GM will announce each kill. The Last 3 will receive a prize. The last man standing receives a grand prize.

In the event of a Tie, aka Lobo cant find the last two remaining players. Players make decided to split grand prize reward evenly amongst them. Because this event tends to take a while, a screenshot of the party will be sent to [GM] Lobo after the event concludes and Consolation Prizes will be given.